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  1. IMG_1293

    Beer garden season has arrived!

    皆様、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? つい先日まで雪が降っていたかと…

  2. Winter limited menu of curry start!

    Did too much, winter only (this year until 4/20), Curry menu offers. …

  3. Limited time offer! Prospective students menu

    Was too much so we provide prospective students menu until 3/20. …

  4. toshikoshi

    New year's Eve for the annual popular sets are released.

    Not a popular venue every year however sets the key new year's Eve has been launched this year. …

  5. Weekday lunch menu start.

    1April start with lunch on weekdays. Curry dog this next set 900.

  6. 2Fホール2

    2017Open on new years day & holiday news

    Did too much that will be open new year's day in 2017, 1F souvenir shop, 2F Soba. 1.

  1. Bran ground radish, on sale!
  2. Shop in the street view Google map...
  3. You can see inside.
  4. Climbing dolls on sale! Thunderbird also on sale!

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Shop in the street view Google map...

In Google Maps Street view shop "had too much ' of can now see inside! HTTPS.


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